Monday, August 2, 2010

Insight Connections: Ana Marie Argilagos: Framing the Work

In the first of this six part series, Ana Marie describes how she came to work in the nonprofit sector and how she framed her work during her tenure as a program officer for a large national foundation working with people from the Southwest Border and Native communities.  This interview was  filmed during her transition from the foundation to working for the Obama administration. Updated February 2, 2010.  

Upcoming Episodes:
Episode Two - Cultural Competency: Why Is It Vital for a Program Officer?
Episode Three - Organic Philanthropy: What Is It and Why Is It Effective?
Episode Four - Life-Affirming Leadership:  What It Means for Ana Marie
Episode Five - Advice for Those Working for Social Justice in One Form or Another
Episode Six - Personal Transitions:  Stepping into the Unknown